All Mountains EP

by CrushnPain



released April 18, 2016

All songs written By Austin Gallas
Music by CrushnPain (Austin Gallas, Benjamin Schurr, Erik Sleight)
Mixed By Benjamin Schurr and Erik Sleight @ BLIGHT. Studios
Mastered By Ali Jaafar @ Ecstattic Studios



all rights reserved


BLIGHT. Records Washington, D.C.

BLIGHT. New Media.

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Track Name: Enjoined
Drowning in hollow light
Spirits swimming by my side
They're whispering truths and lies
Swirling round me, hypnotized

Enjoined in endless tithe
Giving makes us feel sublime
Recede with endless tide
Girl you make me feel alive
Feel alive
Track Name: What Ur Doing
We fell in love
You know what you're doing

In the woods, all clothed in linen,
See another take her to the pond
Wish I were never born
Every night my heart is spinning
I try to make the words come out
But they will never form

Well I've been feeling demons
Creeping up on me
Feeling demons
You know what you're doing
Feeling demons
Track Name: Luxor Obelisk
I'm Bottled Up

Three thousand years
You watched my house

Trophy time
Track Name: Night Terrors
Eyes are open
But I don't hear you when you call