Br'er - Brunch is for Assholes (Xiu Xiu version)

from by BLIGHT. Records

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Brunch is for Assholes and they're moving in faster
than you could ever dream to complain about it
they're stealing our culture and making it duller
so they can pitch it to the rich kids who are OVER IT!

Luxury dust, dead skin breathe it in
"a life of service? Oh it's just a labor of LOVE"
cut your hands on the fridge
blood drips on their new carpet
I'm stuck in this tar-pit (oh please)
of just getting by so you can ingest
the milk of transgression which leaks from our breasts

they're just hungry little roaches furiously shitting children
kicking out the families for a kuerig in the kitchen
Real estate snakes! Developing Areas!
Artisan Skylines! Post-suburban hysteria!


I'm of a different class and i feel no shame


from BLIGHT. MAKES RIGHT, released November 16, 2016
Benjamin Schurr - Vocals, Mpc, Casio Cz-5000, Mopho, Roland Tr-505 Ben Usie - Drums, Gongs, Paige Brubeck - Vocals, Johnny Fantastic - Piano

Produced by Benjamin Schurr, Peter Larkin & Jamie Stewart
Mixed By Jamie Stewart



all rights reserved


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